I'm Jesse Street – startup co-founder, CTO, full-stack software engineer, and architecture consultant – helping teams build everything from websites & mobile apps to AI bots & web3 projects.


I'm Jesse Street – startup co-founder, CTO, full-stack software engineer, and architecture consultant – helping teams build everything from websites & mobile apps to AI bots & web3 projects.


Jesse Street

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Startup co-founder, CTO, full-stack software engineer, and architecture consultant with robust experience in architecting, implementing, and maintaining enterprise-level websites & applications. I work with motivated teams addressing niche markets, disrupting existing industries, and solving unique problems from novel and creative angles while maintaining a strong focus on product and user experience.


  • Startup co-founder & CTO, comfortable wearing multiple hats for both product and technical roadmapping & development, as well as inter-operating between various stakeholders.

  • Led dev teams on scoping, architecting, and implementing complex application interfaces from ideation to large-scale consumer products.

  • 10+ years developing feature rich, user-centric web sites and applications, both front- and back-end, on desktop and native mobile, primarily utilizing Node & React (+Native).

  • Strong adherence to code cleanliness, readability, and structure – especially in team environments to ensure cross-developer consistency and intuitive design implementation patterns.

  • Keen eye for usability and visual aesthetics to produce engaging, user-friendly products that adhere to UX best practices & standards.

  • Experience with several web3 technologies including custom smart contracts, ethersJS, and multiple blockchain APIs – Moralis, etherscan, OpenSea, Infura, Alchemy – as well as custom image-generation tools for large-scale NFT projects.

  • Unique tooling & scripting for everything from interactive Twitter & Discord bots to website crawlers and custom data aggregators/parsers.


Hard Skills

Node.js / Express / Next.js

React / React Native


GraphQL / Apollo

MongoDB / MySQL / Dynamo

AWS EC2 / S3 / Lambda

OpenAI / ChatGPT

Solidity / Ethereum

Ethers / Web3.js

Moralis / Infura


Babel / Webpack

Google Analytics / Segment.io

Browser Extensions

App Store / Play Store

API implementation

Image compositing & manipulation

Bots / Automation scripts

Soft skills

Critical thinking

Analytical mindset

Communication skills

Problem Solving



Adaptability / Flexibility

High attention to detail


Job History

CTO & Co-founder + Lead Engineer
Wribbn, Inc.

Led the development team in architecting, implementing, deploying, and maintaining mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms using React Native. Developed the majority of both the front- and back-end codebases, made decisions on roadmap features, UI/UX standards, and technologies used. Built custom browser extensions for all modern browsers. Helped make strategic business, marketing, and product decisions.

Lead Frontend Engineer

Autodesk's Creative Market

Frontend Lead for the platform team. Helped scope new projects & features, build prototypes, and code final production implementations. Refactored the blog as well as the support subsite. Built a rich new “Shop Updates” feature (a News Feed, masonry-style product view, post creator, and user following), and a “Seller Dashboard” (interactive sales metric charts, product management, payout calculators, etc). Userbase grew from 1M to 3M during this time.

Blockchain Engineer


Senior Web3 + Solidity Engineer

GoldenX (April 2022 – February 2023)

Integrated numerous client websites with the Ethereum blockchain via custom Solidity Smart Contracts, primarily to build minting dApps for NFT projects. Utilization of off-chain services, such as S3/Dynamo/Lambda, for external storage, validation, and management of client projects to ensure a smooth end-user experience.

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Terra Eclipse, Inc.

Third full-time developer on a team that started with ~6 people and grew to 30+. During this time I helped architect, build, and maintain large-scale Drupal/PHP and Node.js web applications; trained and mentored new developers + led developer teams on projects; built complex one-page web apps using Marionette/Backbone.js, and tested for cross-browser & cross-device compatibility.

References available upon request.

References available upon request.

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